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Language spoken : Italian

Major cities : Roma(Rome), Milano(Milan), Torino(Turin), Napoli(Naples).

Currency : Euro


Benefits :

• Schengen Visa (Students can travel and stay in 26 EU countries)
• IELTS is not required.
• Easy visa process (students will get their visa within 3 to 4 weeks)
• High Quality Education.
• During study students can work up to 20hrs a week and earn.
• Students with prior visa rejection (from U.K., Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and Canada) can also apply.
• Italy is a safe country for international students.
• Good quality Food & Accommodation with affordable price
• After completion of course students are eligible to get transfer to other European countries for further studies as it comes under ECTS (European Credit Transfer System).
• After completion of study students can get 1 to 3 year work permit or occupation permit (subject to employer & government approval)
• Within one year students will find options for permanent residence permit in Europe.

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Design management

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