Diploma in Food & Beverage Services                           Apply

Adv. Diploma in Food & Beverage Services                  Apply

 Certificate in Food & Beverage                                          Apply

 Certificate in Pastery                                                           Apply

  Certificate in culinary skills                                                  Apply

Diploma in catering management                                        Apply

Adv. Diploma in catering management                              Apply


Food industry in Singapore:

In year 2015, there are 964 food processing establishments, 139 cold stores, 15 slaughter-houses and 1,130 storage warehouse which are licensed with AVA. 

All establishments are licensed by AVA are subjected to regular inspections to ensure that the production is safe and fit for human consumption.

 All establishments are also graded and classified under grade “A”, “B”, “C” or “D” according to their safety and hygiene standards.  The grade is reviewed on an annual basis.  

The grading system will allow food manufacturers to continuously upgrade their establishments to remain competitive and produce safe and wholesome.

Consumers or buyers will be able to identify and select that is manufactured and established that are of a higher standards.