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Communication industry in poland:

Internet used for communication are about 25.0 million users, 21st in the world, 65.0% of the population, 54th in the world (2012), 22.5 million users, 19th in the world (2009), 16 million users (2007).

Broadband communication uses about 6.4 million subscriptions, 17th in the world. 16.6% of the population, 54th in the world (2012).

Wireless broadband communication is about 18.9 million subscriptions, 16th in the world; 49.3% of the population, 33rd in the world (2012).Internet hosts: 13.3 million hosts, 12th in the world (2012).

IPv4 uses 19.4 million addresses allocated, 21st in the world, 0.5% of the world total, 505.9 addresses per 1000 people (2012)Internet Service Providers: 19 ISPs (1999) for communication.